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About MJT Custom Designs

    Welcome to MJT Custom Designs! My name is Marcy Tobalsky and I’m a small business owner from Central Wisconsin! I’m a mom of 5 amazing children and have been married to my wonderful husband Steve for over 20 years. I’ve been a crafter my whole life and started MJT Custom Designs in March of 2019. Making cups started out as a hobby to fill some free time, but quickly took off. I experimented different techniques and styles and instantly fell in love with the craft. Along with making cups, I started designing files and running different social media groups. I never imagined my little business running out of an empty room in my home would turn into such an incredible piece of my life! We’ve expanded into our garage and have shopped to all 50 States, Canada and the UK! We’ve even had the Vice President receive one of our tumblers from a customer who’s his neighbor! We have such an amazing group of people in our corner and are so thankful to everyone who’s contributed to our business’ success!